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PUMA Fuseproject Packaging

Under - Industrial Design, Inspiration

PUMA and Yves Béhar developed over 21 months a more sustainable packaging and distribution system in keeping with PUMA’s ongoing commitment to sustainability.

PUMA setting a great example here by giving up wasteful packaging. It would be unjust not to appreciate the efforts behind it. I wish all those super market giants come forward and stop packaging and labelling grapes, bananas and sliced apples and spend that money for something meaningful such as determining realistic ‘sell by’ and ‘best before’ dates. And, on ideas to extend the life of on-the-shelves and purchased food.

The same applies to all electronic manufacturers. Have you ever noticed how ridiculously those SD cards are packed? From cell phones to headphones, things are so superfluously packaged that I literally get annoyed when my rubbish bin is full of stuff that can easily be avoided.