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IBM’s Smarter Planet – color sensitive interactive billboard

Under - Advertising, Design, Industrial Design, Media, Technology

IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign acknowledges the importance of intelligent systems in the world today. In the retail industry, for example, consumer data around something as simple as color can have massive implications around shipping, inventory and, ultimately, overall sales.

This interactive billboard is a simple and engaging virtual demonstration of how a smarter retail system can work.

20 January 1

Strawberry Shoes, Salami Tie and Death in Moscow

Under - Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Inspiration

Some truly genuine and amazing work by Anton-Repponen, a Russia born and Estonian educated designer who is currently working in New York and Stockholm. This young designer is a creative genius in the making.

Strawberry Shoes - Anton Repponen

Strawberry Shoes - Anton Repponen

Salami Tie - Anton Repponen

Ties - Anton Repponen

Ties print design with textures of prosciutto, octopus and salami - Anton Repponen

OZO Watch - Anton Repponen

OZO Watch - Anton Repponen

Street Sign - Anton Repponen

Street Sign - Anton Repponen