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23 October Share your

Irma Boom book design

Under - Art, Design, Inspiration

Graphic designer Irma Boom has made over 250 books, 50 of which are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Her ‘Think book’ for a giant coal company has become an international icon of Dutch design. She sees her books as objects, that communicate ideas and stories, and speak to all human senses.

20 January 1

Strawberry Shoes, Salami Tie and Death in Moscow

Under - Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Inspiration

Some truly genuine and amazing work by Anton-Repponen, a Russia born and Estonian educated designer who is currently working in New York and Stockholm. This young designer is a creative genius in the making.

Strawberry Shoes - Anton Repponen

Strawberry Shoes - Anton Repponen

Salami Tie - Anton Repponen

Ties - Anton Repponen

Ties print design with textures of prosciutto, octopus and salami - Anton Repponen

OZO Watch - Anton Repponen

OZO Watch - Anton Repponen

Street Sign - Anton Repponen

Street Sign - Anton Repponen

26 December 1

Jonathan Puckey’s ‘Delaunay Raster’

Under - Art, Design, Illustration, Inspiration, Technology, Typography

Delaunay Raster - Jonathan Puckey

Amsterdam based graphic designer Jonathan Puckey created this image and many others with Delaunay image vectorization using Scriptographer and Color Averaging by Jürg Lehni. Jonathan’s work is an amazing combination of art and science … and typography. View more of his work here.