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6 October 2

Painting beautiful is boring – Lou Ros

Under - Art, Inspiration

Lou Ros, 26, began painting at the age of 17. Based in Paris, France, he started with graffiti for fun with friends which soon became a real addiction to him. Learning to paint without going through an art school, Lou felt the limits of his street art, admitting himself that:

There is an ethics of aesthetic beauty and repetition that eventually bores me. Painting beautiful is boring, while making a painting that has strength is quite another thing. So I started painting at home.

His art represents the visible and not so visible worlds. With paint brush in his hands colors fly, dance and rejoice with pleasure and passion.

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6 September 11

Fabien Barral: When design just happen!

Under - Art, Design, Illustration, Inspiration, Media, Typography

When you want to see art and graphic design together in perfect harmony, look at Fabien Barral’s work. Playful colours, intriguing textures, shapes and typography – it is refreshing, inspiring and very tastefully done. I wanted to learn about the person behind these amazing designs so I thought to ask Fabien a few questions.

First of all let’s talk about you, where are you based and everyday life?
I am Fabien Barral and I live in France. I used to work from my country house located in the middle of France for the past 8 years but moved back in the south last year… just to move again to another house last month because it is in the middle of an organic vineyard with a large garden. I can go to my daughter’s school by foot and have a larger office that I ever had! I am a freelance designer for almost 4 years now, before that I worked as an art director for 6 years in an agency.

You have a very distinct style which tells me that design is more than a job to you. Where it all started to become what it is now?
It has always been like that – it did not start, it was in my DNA. I never had any talent in drawing… just ask me something to simply reproduce with a pencil and it would look terrible!!! This was frustrating when I was a child, so I started cutting out magazines and do comps with them. My mother showed me those comps the other day, funny !! Later, I started playing with Xerox. Then computer came in my life and I could express myself… but not with computer alone, with all the images I liked and could get hold of in second hand book markets, things that could be textures, and made my images to look what they are. My wife Frédérique does amazing watercolours, textures and other shapes and stuff I use in my work… so yes, it is not a job, it is an everyday living philosophy.

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22 April 5

Casajordi – realities and surrealism

Under - Art, Illustration, Inspiration
Souvenir (details) - Casajordi

Souvenir (details)

Fantasy, dream, surrealism, to whatever it takes to escape reality. Casajordi has redefined reality based on his imagination. He enjoys ‘pictures’ and playing with their meanings, and with the duality in between illumination and darkness. I felt lost in his work like Alice in the Wonderland only to wish if I could understand French!

Based in Perpignan (France) near the Spanish border, Casajordi draws his ideas on paper before taking them into Photoshop to create collages – sometimes with over 300 layers spending 15/16 hours on each piece. From overall composition to minute details, you can sense strong narrative expressions as well as unexplained references in his work.

Enfermer - Casajordi


Etrange Famille - Casajordi

Etrange Famille

Jardin Secret - Casajordi

Jardin Secret

La Photographe - Casajordi

La Photographe

Various compositions - Casajordi

Various compositions (close-ups)

Livre - Casajordi


Peur De Grandir - Casajordi

Peur De Grandir

Renaissance - Casajordi


Cerveau - Casajordi


You can view more of Casajordi’s amazing art in fine details here.

24 February Share your

Romain Lenancker

Under - Art, Design, Typography

Some interesting work by Romain Lenancker, an interdisciplinary art director based in Lyon, France.

Lenancker Romain

Puzzle Game - Consumable page for Amusement magazine

Lenancker Romain

Warm and Douster Image Press

Lenancker Romain

Press advertising for Lacoste & Shoes-Up

Lenancker Romain

Editorial Print Proximologique & Perspectives

18 February Share your

Sergey Prokudin Gorsky: At the stubble-field

Under - Inspiration, Photography
На жнитве / At the stubble-field by Sergey Prokudin Gorsky - 1909

На жнитве / At the stubble-field by Sergey Prokudin Gorsky - 1909

One of Gorsky’s incredible photographs titled ‘At the stubble-field’ (above) has been my all time favourite. Taken late in the evening more than 100 years ago (1909), this photograph has a mesmerising effect on me. Can’t stop staring at it, can’t stop thinking about it … I completely feel lost in time and space when looking at it hence featuring it again. It is a wonderful record of a golden moment in the evening at a Russian farm … a farmer family finishing off day’s work to go back to home, it’s going to be dark soon, shall I warm up or cook food, peace and quiet, can I lit a cigarette, let’s talk … may be some cattle sounds in the background. Smoke coming out of a chimney, a small peaceful dwelling – what would have been the conversation topic that night? Was there anyone to tell them that there’s a revolution on its way that is going to change their and their generation’s life in years to come!

This brilliant Russian photographer from early 20th century captured something which is more than a picture to me, may be a vivid statement of more than a thousand words?

Below is another picture at the same time, place and people.

At the stubble-field by Sergey Prokudin Gorsky - 1909

At the stubble-field by Sergey Prokudin Gorsky - 1909

Prokudin Gorsky (also Gorskii) left Russia on the brink of the revolution in 1918 and settled in France. Following is some of his other work around documenting Russian way of life back then.

At the river Kumsa - 1915 by Prokudin Gorsky

Этюд на речке Кумса / At the river Kumsa - 1915

Остречены / Ostrecheny - 1909 by Prokudin Gorsky (Серге́й Миха́йлович Проку́дин-Го́рский​)

Остречены / Ostrecheny - 1909

Peasant woman in Perm Province and By yarn. In the Izvedovo village - 1910 by Prokudin Gorsky

Peasant woman in Perm Province and By yarn. In the Izvedovo village - 1910

Peasant girls - 1909 by Prokudin Gorsky

Peasant girls - 1909

Столярный цех для выделки ножен / Joiner's shop for dressing sheath and Развесочное отделение (Чаква) / Weighing office (Chakva) by Prokudin Gorsky

Столярный цех для выделки ножен / Joiner's shop for dressing sheath and Развесочное отделение (Чаква) / Weighing office (Chakva)

Железнодорожный мост через реку Шую / The railroad bridge over the river Shuya - 1915 by Prokudin Gorsky

Железнодорожный мост через реку Шую / The railroad bridge over the river Shuya - 1915

View more of his work at Flickr and here.