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27 August 2

Photography by Andrew (aka Cuba Gallery)

Under - Art, Inspiration, Nature, Photography

Andrew is one of New Zealand’s leading Graphic Designers, a career which has lead to his interest in photography. Based in Auckland the majority of Andrew’s work is done in New Zealand and Australia, however his love for photography has taken him to the USA, Japan, Europe and the Pacific Islands.

His work is heavily influenced by his design background in the graphic use of colour, light and composition.

View more of Andrew’s work here

22 August 4

Kate D. MacDowell sculpting nature’s love

Under - Art, Inspiration, Nature


From teaching high school students to producing websites for hi-tech companies, and from meditation retreat in rural India to getting inspiration from Italian Renaissance, Kate D. MacDowell eventually settled on creating ceramic masterpieces.

Kate’s hand-built porcelain sculptures are in part responses to environmental threats and their consequences, revealing the rifts and frictions in the union between man and nature. They also borrow from myth, art history, figures of speech and other cultural touchstones. Her work has been shown throughout the US, and in Japan, the U.K. and Europe and in the Art Amsterdam, Art Hamptons, and NEXT Chicago contemporary art fairs.

She won several national clay awards in 2008 and 2009 including Best of Show for Feats of Clay, the NICHE awards (Hand built Ceramics), an Award of Excellence for CraftForms , first prize for Viewpoint: Ceramics , and first prize for Clay? II . In 2007 she was given full funding summer scholarships to the Penland School for Crafts and the Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts. Her images have been published in 500 Ceramic Sculptures, the New York Times Sunday Magazine, Calle20 (Spain), O.K. Periodicals (Netherlands), Creative Review (UK), Ceramics Monthly, and Hi-Fructose and online at notcot.org, formfiftyfive.com, abduzeedo.com, treehugger.com, juxtapoz.com, beautifuldecay.com, and many other sites. She recently exhibited in the NCECA Invitational exhibition “Earth Matters” in Philadelphia in spring 2010.



Goodbye Kiss

Goodbye Kiss

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17 August 2

Ghost by Marco Brambilla

Under - Art, Inspiration, Media

GHOST is a study of model Natasha Poly. An investigation into the obsessive behaviour of the public eye and it’s lingering effects on those chased and caught by it. The piece utilizes multiple shots, all presented head-on, giving the audience an opportunity to experience the deconstruction of an icon as it strips the beauty out of fashion.

16 August 2

G20 Wall

Under - Art, Inspiration, Photography

G20 Stories wall seen at Nassau Street, Kensington Market, Toronto. Photo by WVS.

Read more here.

12 August 4

Simon Schubert and the reality of a blank sheet of paper

Under - Art, Inspiration

What can be created with some folds and creases on a paper?

Looks like paper edges are the only limit to Simon Schubert’s imagination. Based in Cologne, Germany, Simon perfected this unusual form of art over two years. The blank paper sheets are meticulously folded and creased to render lasting impressions. The end result is formed by the light and shade – very subtle yet very engaging to draw you into the details.

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