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Backyard Booty Segment: Natural Progressions

Under - Inspiration, Media, Nature, Photography

Natural Progressions by Ryan Flett

This impressive video by Ryan Flett basically demonstrates what one can do with a DSLR – provided a creative flare is in place. From video footage to 3D photos and timelapses, everything is shot with Canon 7D and then processed with Photoshop and After Effects.

My segment for KMC’s Backyard Booty in Nelson BC. The segment is about the transition everyone in Kootenays make from Fall into Winter. From the moment the season ends we are waiting for it to return.

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Illustrations by Jonathan Bartlett

Under - Art, Illustration, Inspiration
The fox trap

The fox trap

Jonathan Bartlett is a New York based illustrator with a knack for metaphor and clever stories.

Growing up I certainly didn’t consider picture making or storytelling to be a means to an end. I didn’t even know what the word ‘illustration’ meant until I was a junior in college.

One day I told my teachers I wanted more creative freedom so I was going to be a graphic designer; they laughed at me…quite literally. In turn this made me really mad so I looked again at the list of art majors, saw illustration and in an instant said ‘fine, I’ll be an illustrator”. And that was that, a classic case of the tell-me-I-can’t-do-something…

Mutual deception

Mutual deception

Haunted (left) - You are nothing without me (right)

Haunted (left) - You are nothing without me (right)

Duke's dilemma

Duke's dilemma

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15 December 3

When photographs speak to your heart

Under - Art, Inspiration, Photography

This remarkable work of a self-taught photographer is tremendously compelling. Jonathan Rosser, based in Washington DC, has captured nothing but his passion with a purpose in mind.

What is different about myself than most other photographers is that I am self-taught. I took no classes to find the right setting on a camera or lighting to make an image successful. About two years ago I started studying the photo streams on Flickr of other inspiring artists and guessed how they caught their striking images. After trial and error I was able to obtain the moment and feeling in a street portrait that I was searching for.

My passion is for the people who have nothing, and continue their lives among so many who choose to just walk by. Their spirit is shown in their faces and eyes and I try my best to honor them by their portrait. My dream is to show a series of my street portraits in a gallery setting, and open the perspective to others that may not take the time to see otherwise

As with most of my work, each of these individuals has a story and a name.

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12 December 2

Cortex – Google Chrome extension for social media sharing

Under - Design, Media, Resources, Technology, Usability


Now we can share all those fancy pictures, videos and articles found online in one click to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and to Instapaper. Thanks to Cortex for making a lengthy process 2 second’s job.

Cortex is the fastest way to share links, articles, videos, images, music to your friends and family across the web.

Cortex, developed by Joey Primiani, is a free Google Chrome extension. Having it installed, I had to setup social media sharing in the Cortex settings after which it was pretty easy – click and hold for the menu to appear and zoom … the stuff is already published by the time you open or refresh your Facebook,Twitter or Tumblr page (support is limited to four sites only at this stage).

Cortex reminds me what Bonnier R&D did a while ago in the form of Mag+ – especially the unforgettable menu dial (below). Although the precise functionality was not envisaged in the Mag+ demo for those Facebook and twitter buttons but I believe it could have been the same as Cortex!


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Hauschka – The Key

Under - Inspiration, Media, Music

Hauschka – The Key by Jeff Desom

A brilliant piece of story telling by Jeff Desom.